Asian Summer Part 2

I make ramen noodles often, especially in this weirdly cool and rainy summer we have had. Rather than buy those packs of Cup of noodles or plasticky insta noodles with salty flavour packets, making your own broth can be just as fast and it tastes a lot nicer. I also added a few adjustments to make the meal heartier and tastier, inspired by a recent recipe in the New York Times.

Chop some spring onion and fry it off in the pot. Add other vegetables like peppers, mushrooms if you like. Add in fresh chopped ginger. Add vegetable, chicken or beef stock. Salt and pepper your taste. Also add coriander seeds if you have them or powder to taste. Add soy sauce to taste. And then let simmer so the flavors marry. Then add your noodles. Standard Asian noodles are the best. Once the noodles are cooked drop an egg in, then a spoonful of butter and then cheese. You can use vegan cheese (I’ve used VioLife slices available at Tregu e Gleber) or Edam slices. These have the softness to work the best because basically you are filling out the sauce and giving it a creamy, velvety texture and adding more flavour.

Eat them just warm and serve with the spring onion pancakes found here.


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