Asian summer Part 1

Now that summer has finally arrived and there is all sorts of lovely produce in the Kosovo markets, its a good time to experiment with all sorts of flavors.

Right now, I’m cooking spring onion pancakes which I found to be ridiculously easy to make. I used to eat these all the time when I lived in New York and I’ve truly missed them. Finding a good recipe for these easy, anytime snacks has made me incredibly happy. The key is in the technique more than the recipe itself which is essentially flour, water and salt. Don’t think you can get away with less salt. The salt lifts the flavor of the spring onion. It tastes extraordinarily dull without it.

So you need two cups of flour, boiling water-enough to create a thick dough and a generous amount of salt. At least a teaspoon. Knead out the dough on a floured surface. Then fold in chopped green onion the long green part. Roll out on the floured surface in thin rounds. But not too thin. Leave a little thickness-depending on your taste: two stacked Euro coins should be a good measure of how thick you want them to be. Then fry in a pan with sunflower oil-or any neutral oil will do. You can use sesame oil for more taste. Make sure you don’t leave it too long on either side. It should be crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Generally these are served alongside something else or as an appetizer. Make sure you also serve along with a dip of soy sauce with ginger, more chopped spring onions or sesame seeds.

In the picture above, I serve them with veggie egg scramble flavored with soy sauce. You can also use tofu instead of eggs to keep it vegan.


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