Naturally Vegan Summer

You don’t really need to spend a lot of money or go to special restaurants to eat vegan. Many of the traditional foods and recipes from the Balkans and Mediterranean region are vegetarian and vegan or can be made that way with a few adjustments.

Pomodori al Risi is one of those easy naturally vegan recipes you can make for yourself and feed to anyone else without them whingeing about the lack of meat. Plus it’s a quick eat, easily made and quite filling.  Make this at home with the fine, lovely tomatoes finally coming in season now.

Slice potatoes up thickly and line them in a roasting pan, seasoning with salt and pepper and covering with olive oil. Slice the tops off of tomatoes and scoop out the filling, ditching the core. The rice uses the tomato innards to cook. Mix with uncooked rice add salt and pepper, oregano and basil to taste. Refill the empty tomatoes and put the tops back on. Make sure to cover all with olive oil. Roast on medium heat in the oven (about 150 Celsius) until potatoes and tomatoes are roasted and rice is cooked.


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