Quick Vegetarian wraps

One of things that makes it hard to stay vegetarian or vegan is the lack of snacks or quick bites that feel as satiating as a qepab or döner or your stuck with a slice of pizza. So here are some quick wraps that can made quickly and are fun and satisfying to eat whether your vegetarian or not.

Hummus sandwich with peppers and onions: whether you make your hummus ahead or buy it this is a quick easy way to have a satifying sandwich. Take a flour tortilla wrap and spread hummus on it. Chop red peppers and fresh onions up and then roll it up. You can also add a variety of vegetables along with coriander and season with salt and pepper.

Scramble two eggs and wilt spinach. Take a wrap and spread the spinach first, then add the eggs and sprinkle with cheese then roll it up. Want a vegan option, use hummus to replace the eggs and cheese.



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