Sweetcorn pancakes: Summer preview

I guess this is more of a summer dish but who doesn’t wish that summer would come a lot faster? Especially after the dreariness of winter. But this dish is also a good excuse to use frozen corn. Maybe you have it stashed in your freezer now. Well if it’s raining and miserable outside bring some warm sunshine in your life.

These are a savoury pancake. You can eat them with sour cream, yoghurt or labneh. Maybe you prefer something savoury for breakfast? A lunch or dinner? What ever these are for you. You can add chopped peppers or other vegetables to this as well. It takes moments to whip them up.

In a bowl, take about a cup and a half of sweetcorn, fresh, frozen, tinned it doesn’t matter. Dice 3 or 4 spring onions. Add a cup of corn flour and half a cup of regular white flour, a tablespoon of butter. A teaspoon of sugar and a cup of milk or less if you want a bigger pancake. Also throw in a half a teaspoon of baking soda and two eggs and stir till completely blended.

In a hot, well buttered pan pour in the batter by the spoonful and make your pancakes. Don’t overcook when they are dry on the edges flip. Remember the first one is always dodgy…





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