The Punjab in Prishtina

The old Indian place near the US Embassy in Dragodan closed ages ago. A casualty of the declining expat workers. But we are now lucky enough to have Punjabi Kitchen on the second row of Kafe e Vogel. This is a Pakistani style curry house, much favored across the world with it’s comfort food style curries. Even though they lean towards the rich and meaty, there are vegetarian and vegan options as well that don’t feel like after thoughts.

Do try the dal, a stewed lentil dish filled out with butter if your vegetarian and not if your vegan (just let them know how you’d like it). The Palak Alou is a spinach and potato curry with just enough spice to turn it from something just nice, into something just lovely.


Start off the meal with vegetable pakora made with lovely garam masala and deep fried to perfection. The sweet and spicy dipping sauce that comes with them is excellent. Now added to the menu are samosas. The vegetable version is full of soft, spiced potato and covered with a crispy, flaky crust.

Finish it off with a kheer: a milky, creamy rice pudding for desert flavored with cardomom and raisins.

The full menu isn’t ready yet and I was assured it would have more vegan and vegetarian items to choose from. But it as the Punjab Kitchen slow opens give it a try, you’ll like it.


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