Shakshuka: Spring Has Finally Sprung

Or at least we hope so. This is a dish I could eat daily and have eaten daily for certain periods. Ostensibly you have it for brunch but really it’s great whenever you want a fast vegetarian meal that if necessary, you can pass off as a bit of posh, exotic cookery to a guest. It looks good, tastes good and is made in a doddle. Here is the basic version, you can also add feta to the top or even switch the whole thing up and make it green with spinach and spring onion. I think of it as something you’d eat in the spring or summer. largely because the best way to have it is with fresh tomatoes. So you want the best which is in the summer. But you can also use tinned tomatoes which work just as well. No reason to be too picky.

So take one onion chopped, three cloves of garlic or less if that’s your thing and saute them in olive oil. Don’t let them get to brown.  Add four chopped red pepppers sweet and one or two chopped chili peppers depending on taste.Next add one tin of good quality tomatoes or three or four chopped tomatoes. Then let simmer. Here you can also add in some pomadoro but not too much. Just enough to smooth the sauce out. Season all of this with salt and pepper and coriander fresh or powdered. Plop in three or four eggs. Make sure the eggs are really fresh and of good quality. The dish depends on it. Let cook for a one minute on the hob and then stick the pan into a preheated oven. About 200 C is fine until the eggs are a touch firm. Some like the eggs more runny, some like them hard but again that’s up to you. I don’t like it if the eggs have a film on them which is too rubbery. This happens when the the eggs are left too long in the oven. So make sure to test for that. You shouldn’t need more than 15 minutes if your oven is hot.

Serve with toasted bread, pita and good fresh plain yoghurt. Top with chopped parsley.



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