American Diner-style Pancakes

This is a dish people ask me how to make often. Many Americans -who should know better- think you need a mix out of a box to make them. Pancakes are a doddle to make and they taste much better made from scratch and they are just as quick and easy as anything At this point I can make them when I sleep. But they do make a richly filling, oddly luxurious breakfast. Eat them on a weekend, after you’ve gone for a walk, jog or just having a long lie-in. Mix in berries fresh or frozen or top with bananas. Or go to the Albi Mall Vitalia booth and get genuine maple syrup.

There is no way to vegan-ize it for me. For the rest of us use the freshest eggs possible and actual unsalted fresh butter and fresh-not long-life milk (You can get pasteurized, fresh milk, ready to drink at Market Albana on UÇK for .30 cents. Look for the green and white Bylmeti cartons). If your milk goes off save it! Sour milk makes excellent pancakes as well. The sour milk makes it more like buttermilk pancakes which have a very nice tangy sweet taste. The freshness of the ingredients will make this even better than the American diner version.


American-style diner Pancakes

2 cups of strong white flour

2 tablespoons of sugar

1 teaspoon of baking soda

2 large fresh eggs

1 cup of fresh milk

1/4 cup of melted butter

More butter left for cooking


Mix all the ingredients together making sure there are no lumps. Heat butter in a pan. Make sure the pan is hot but don’t let the butter burn. Pour in the batter to the size of pancake you want. Wait till the pancake is bubbling and the edges look a bit dry and then flip. You’ll have to lift to test for the other side. Your first pancake will be wonky. It always is. But as you have more experience you’ll make them just as you like. A key thing is don’t let them dry out.

Top with butter and syrup or jam or fruit and serve.










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