Spinach Pie: As Good As Mother’s

Pitë me Spanaq, Pita od Spanać, Spinach pie one of the most reliable, everyday Balkan dishes. Eating this, whether for breakfast, a snack or late night meal is continuing on an ongoing tradition from across the region that has lasted for centuries.

I’ve had loads of discussions over recipes but at the basic level it is simple: spinach, feta, some sour cream for the filling and filo for wrapping. You could add your own variations from here including boiled egg or onion.


Unless you use vegan cheese and cream there is no real way to veganize it. But for vegetarians or people looking to eat less meat this is an excellent filling meal. As always,  one of the highlights is how quickly it can be made: Under an hour.

Spinach Pie

1/2 kilo of spinach

200 grams of feta cheese

2 tablespoons of sour cream

1 bay leaf

1 stick of cinnamon

Filo sheets for the layers

Olive oil for brushing the layers

Butter for the topping


Wilt the spinach in a pan. Once fully cooked down cool and drain. Squeeze out the excess water until the leaves are dry.  In the same pan add chopped feta, sour cream, bay leaf and cinnamon stick and let simmer. Add spinach in.

Meanwhile, take a roasting pan or deep round pie pan and well oil it. Add two sheets of filo pastry. Use two sheets for each layer. Brush the top layer with oil. Add the spinach filling. Continue like this until all the top. Add the final two sheets of filo pastry and top with butter pieces. Fold in the excess edges of the filo pastry or cut them off. Put in the oven on 150c. Cook until brown on top and bubbling inside.






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