Exploring and Protecting Kosovo…Blerim Bytyçi.

Blerim Bytyçi, 32, from Prizren, has been shooting professionally since 2004-2005. He was inspired and taught by his mother, a keen amateur photographer who bought her first camera in 1970. “My mother was surprised that I loved photography and she always tried to focus me on how to do compositions.”


In 1999 the family’s home was burnt down during the war. His mother lost her camera and all of her photos. “We were all crying first for the house and my mother was sad because we lost everything we had. I searched for the camera, found it burnt and I cried so much for that. The pictures were also gone and my mother did not try again after that.”


Blerim has now founded the NGO Exploring which is focused on environmental protection. Exploring organizes hikes, camping and trekking in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia, “With these hiking trips, we are trying to offer people a chance to recognize the beauty that nature is, so they can help in its protection afterwards.”

For his photographs, Blerim uses a large format Canon camera and Canon lenses.


Here are links to Blerim’s website and NGO Exploring for more information:












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