The Killing Of A Sacred Deer

I had a coffee with a friend recently who bemoaned the fact that the art scene in Kosovo was dominated by whichever Embassy supported an event. So art and events become devices to support whatever campaign an Embassy was supporting this month rather than an expression of art. One of the reasons this happens is because few of us go to support commercially presented art. If you want to see the latest European, Asian or American art or independent films they are difficult to find here even with a handy multiplex nearby. At the same time it’s important to support smaller local institutions which have been doing the work of bringing films here. The Cineplexx is lovely but also let’s throw some love to a theatre you can walk to: Kino ABC. Hopefully, like Dokukino in Prizren there will be other cinemas open regularly in other Kosovo towns.

Let’s also hope they show the brilliant, difficult, heartstopping The Killing Of A Sacred Deer the latest from the Greek globally acclaimed filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos. As I said its a difficult film based on the Agammenon Greek myth but brought to the current day. Starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell, it challenges all of your emotions, peeling them back slowly and showing you a true horror.

Here is your chance to to support good art and see one of the most widely-acclaimed films of the year in Kosovo. If we don’t commercially support good film we will be stuck with the likes of Daddy’s Home 2.–and we deserve better than that.

Go see The Killing of A Sacred Deer at Kino ABC in Prishtina, Doku Kino in Prizren and the Cineplexx at Albi mall




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